Individual Stress Management

In our  seminar „Individual Stress Management“ you will learn how to bundle your energies and selectively eliminate stress. Furthermore, you will learn how to change your attitude and gain something positive from stress. You will also learn to fade out the stressful situations and not to let yourself be diverted from your path or project. Discover the various possibilities that stress can bring you and let us show you new ways of dealing with it with the help of practical examples. Reactions to stress are as individual as people.

We work out different work-related stressors and different behaviour patterns to determine what is causing you stress. In addition to the stressors, it is also about the situational behaviour of the person. What are my behaviour patterns under stress? How do I react when I have little influence on the stressors? In this way you can reflect your individual stress behaviour in addition to the stressors. Individual and effective stress management enables you to deal well with stress, so that you can cope with your everyday working life more calmly.


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22.-23.07.2021 Hamburg
27.-28.01.2022 Hamburg


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Our classroom seminar "Individual Stress Management" is interactive and modular and follows the neuroscientific findings of brain-based learning. You will experience different learning steps with many interactions in which you yourself are intensively involved. In addition, we develop topics, interact with each other and are accompanied by short concise input phases from the trainers. Experiential and experiential orientation are the focus of our face-to-face seminars:
  • Interactive practical exercises
  • Crisp inputs by trainers
  • Individual and group work
  • Discussions
  • Application to everyday situations of the participants
  • Exchange of experience with best practice examples

Ziele und zielgruppe

  • Targetgroup: The  seminar "Individual Stress Management" is aimed at specialists and managers at all levels who, despite high demands, want to remain permanently efficient and lead more successfully with an appropriate attitude.

  • Goals: The aim of our seminar "Individual Stress Management" is to help you understand that stress can be understood in a fulfilling way to be invigorating and therefore a motor for success. Furthermore, it is our goal that you learn to recognize stress and to distinguish between positive and negative stress, to manage, reduce and prevent negative stress. The goal is to find a healthy balance between tension and relaxation.


Basics about the meaning of stress

  • Basics about stress
  • Psychological stress theory
  • Analysis of stressful situations
  • Human alarm system
  • Body signals and body symptoms
  • Personal perception of stress
  • Awareness of various stress factors
  • Stress-inducing thinking patterns
  • Stress tolerance and work motivation
  • Dealing with personal stress factors

strike a balance

  • Establish and maintain a personal balance
  • Better express your own needs
  • Develop individual strategies for your own balance

Analyzing your own resources

  • strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • General conditions in everyday life and at work
  • Check attitudes and beliefs

Strategies for coping with stress

  • Stress management as a prerequisite for efficient time management
  • Actively shaping stressful situations
  • Setting realistic targets
  • Mental training
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Introduction to physical and mental relaxation techniques


  • You will receive special training preparation materials two weeks before the training starts. Based on specific questions about your current situation as well as your personal goals and expectations, you can prepare for the training in the best possible way.
  • The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum number of participants is 8.
  • The seminar has a duration of 2 days.
  • The seminar starts daily at 08:30 am and end at 04:30 pm.
  • The seminar price includes the seminar execution with an experienced trainer, seminar documents analog/digital, drinks and snacks during the breaks, snacks, lunch and the certificate.


Dieter Jupe

Trainer and Systemic Coach, Psychologist and Master in Economics

Lars Müller

Trainer & Coach, M.A. Humanities, Digital PR & Marketing Specialist, Sales Specialist

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