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The manager as a Coach

In our face-to-face seminar „The manager as a coach“ you will receive comprehensive impulses on how to integrate effective coaching elements into your everyday management routine and how to support and accompany employees in complex situations. Furthermore, you will develop an understanding that good cooperation and a strong team are not a matter of course. Because when employees are dissatisfied, conflicts increase. In the seminar you will learn how to influence them with the help of a few set screws. In addition, you will learn how to support and strengthen your employees and how to exert a positive influence on teamwork.

Our presence seminar shows you how leadership works in modern companies. You will learn how to promote the self-determined and autonomous actions of your employees and how to advise them. In this way, you will contribute to an efficient working method in your company and promote employee satisfaction. Above all, you will find out to what extent you have fulfilled your role as a coach so far and what approaches there are to fulfil this role better. In other words, you will learn concrete techniques for supporting and strengthening your employees.


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12.-13.07.2021 Hamburg
13.-14.01.2022 Hamburg
25.-26.02.2021 Hamburg


Our classroom seminar "The Manager as a Coach" is interactive and modular and follows the neuroscientific findings of brain-based learning. You will experience different learning steps with many interactions in which you yourself are intensively involved. In addition, we develop topics, interact with each other and are accompanied by short concise input phases from the trainers. Experiential and experiential orientation are the focus of our face-to-face seminars:
  • Interactive practical exercises
  • Crisp inputs by trainers
  • Individual and group work
  • Discussions
  • Application to everyday situations of the participants
  • Exchange of experience with best practice examples

Ziele und zielgruppe

  • Targetgroup: Managers who understand modern and agile leadership and who would like to change into the role of a consultant / coach and thus become a sparring partner for their employees on a new level. Managers, junior managers and self-employed people who would like to actively use coaching as a management tool. As well as consultants, trainers and employees who want to develop their coaching skills.

  • Goals: After the seminar, managers know how to design a sustainable coaching process to support employees in achieving their goals and they can use different intervention techniques to carry out successful coaching. In addition, the managers can steer coaching sessions with a high degree of result orientation in a target-oriented manner. Furthermore, they have professional question techniques at their disposal with which they can accompany employees in developing their own possible solutions to achieve their goals. The participants can professionally meet objections and resistance in coaching and achieve their discussion goals.


Basics of employee coaching

  • Coaching and its importance
  • Role and tasks of the manager as coach
  • The executive as coach: opportunities and limits
  • Objectives and possible applications
  • Topics in coaching as a manager

The personality of the manager

  • Qualities as a coach
  • What expectations are placed on the manager as coach?
  • Self-reflection: Know your own values, convictions and goals
  • Your own thought patterns and their effect on your own behaviour
  • Mastering the double role: Manager & Coach

Discussion techniques in coaching

  • Using a systemic approach to conversation management
  • Body language, gestures and facial expressions
  • Communication bridges: How to "pick up" your employees correctly
  • Active listening and solution-oriented questions
  • Apply coaching question techniques
  • Giving feedback with respect

Procedure of the coaching interview

  • Structure of the coaching interview
  • Precision of the language
  • Logical levels for the development of action strategies
  • Securing results and sustainable implementation

Target and change phase

  • Clarify actual and target situation
  • Clearly formulate the goals of the coaching
  • Develop measures to achieve the objectives
  • Clarify, define and develop solutions together
  • Regularly review results and demonstrate progress
  • Use intervention techniques


  • You will receive special training preparation materials two weeks before the training starts. Based on specific questions about your current situation as well as your personal goals and expectations, you can prepare for the training in the best possible way.
  • The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum number of participants is 8.
  • The seminar has a duration of 2 days.
  • The seminar starts daily at 08:30 am and end at 04:30 pm.
  • The seminar price includes the seminar execution with an experienced trainer, seminar documents analog/digital, drinks and snacks during the breaks, snacks, lunch and the certificate.


Dieter Jupe

Trainer and Systemic Coach, Psychologist and Master in Economics

Lars Müller

Trainer & Coach, M.A. Humanities, Digital PR & Marketing Specialist, Sales Specialist

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