Webinar Methods and techniques of meeting moderationWebinar Methods and techniques of meeting moderation



Webinar Methods and Techniques of Moderation

In our webinar „Methods and Techniques of Moderation“ , you will learn how to act as a moderator to give a meeting structure.

Unfortunately, meetings and discussions, don’t always lead to the desired results, even when employees are engaged and well-prepared. Skillful moderation, using proven techniques and methods can be a productive approach.

In our training you will learn how to use ideas and knowledge from all participants and how to manage different standpoints in order to ultimately develop viable solutions in the group. You will learn to design discussion and decision-making processes in a purposeful way using practical visualization methods. You will receive feedback on your own appearance and demeanor, and guidance on how to optimize them – so you can lead your team purposefully in the future and ensure successful meetings.


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How do we proceed methodically in the webinar „Methods and Techniques of Moderation“?

Our webinar „Methods and Techniques of Moderation“ is interactive, modular and follow the neuroscientific findings of brain-based learning.

The participants experience different learning steps with many interactions. They become involved themselves, work actively on topics and interact with each other. This is accompanied by short, concise input phases from the trainers. In our webinars the participants should learn, experience and do a lot themselves and this as interactive as possible in the form of:

  • Interactive practical exercises
  • Live chats
  • virtual whiteboard
  • Individual and group work
  • virtual breakout-rooms
  • Presentations
  • Exchange of experience with best-practice examples

Who is the target group for this webinar and what goals do we want to achieve?

  • Target Group: Junior managers, team leaders and project managers who are about to move into a leadership role or have recently been promoted to a new position in international business.


  • Goals: After the webinar, participants should be able to conduct their own meetings methodically and professionally and achieve the planned objectives of the meeting.


What other information are interesting for the webinar „Methods and Techniques of Moderation“?

  • For your optimal training preparation you will receive an invitation with the login data, as well as important additional information for the start.
  • The participants need a stable internet access, a camera and a microphone (e.g. headphones with integrated microphone).
  • Participation in this webinar requires no special previous knowledge.
  • The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum number of participants is 8.
  • The webinar has a duration of 5 x 2 hours.
  • The webinar price includes the webinar with an experienced trainer, webinar documentation analogue/digital and the certificate of participation.


Which Topics do we work on in the Webinar "Methods and Techniques of Moderation"?

Module 1 

  • Moderation in professional practice
  • The duties and self-perception of the moderator

Module 2  

  • Roles and conflicts of interests, group vs. individual
  • Structuring group knowledge, visualizing discussion and consensus

Module 3  

  • The moderation process: preparation and implementation, ensuring results and action plans, balanced goals and process orientation
  • Confident and team-building moderation

Module 4  

  • Moderation methods, visualization techniques, and their applications
  • The right question at the right time: group questioning techniques, pointed questions, calling out questions and questions on cards

Module 5  

  • Logging results efficiently
  • Video feedback and practice transfer


Webinar 1 

  • 27.07. Monday - 04:30 pm til 06:30 pm
  • 29.07. Wednesday - 04:30 pm til 06:30 pm
  • 31.07. Friday - 04:30 pm til 06:30 pm
  • 03.08. Monday - 04:30 pm til 06:30 pm
  • 05.08. Wednesday - 04:30 pm til 06:30 pm

Webinar 2

  • 09.11. Monday - 09:00 am til 11:00 am
  • 11.11. Wednesday - 09:00 am til 11:00 am
  • 13.11. Friday - 09:00 am til 11:00 am
  • 17.11. Tuesday - 09:00 am til 11:00 am
  • 19.11. Thursday - 09:00 am til 11:00 am


Dieter Jupe

Trainer and Systemic Coach, Psychologist and Dipl.-Kfm.

Lars Müller

Trainer & Coach, M.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Digital PR & Marketing Specialist

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