Webinar Storytelling – with enthusiasm

Learn in our Webinar “Storytelling – with enthusiasm” how to inspire and convince your audience with an excellent lecture.

The expectations for presentations and stories are extremely high: the content is complex and requires that you convey it with a high level of objectivity. At first glance, the data and facts leave little room for a lively and varied presentation.

  • Find out with which impulse you give your content more effectiveness and strength.
  • Find the right customer story, team story, leadership story or suitable storytelling elements for your individual presentation.
  • Work on your own presentation or story and use the training as a “dress rehearsal”.

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Webinar 1: 

  • 04.01.21, Monday 09:00 bis 11:00 am
  • 06.01.21, Wednesday 09:00 bis 11:00 am
  • 08.01.21, Friday 09:00 bis 11:00 am
  • 12.01.21, Tuesday 09:00 bis 11:00 am
  • 14.01.21. Thursday 09:00 bis 11:00 am

Webinar 2: 

  • 10.05.21, Monday 11:30 am bis 01:30 pm
  • 12.05.21, Wednesday 11:30 am bis 01:30 pm
  • 14.05.21, Friday 11:30 am bis 01:30 pm
  • 18.05.21, Tuesday 11:30 am bis 01:30 pm
  • 20.05.21. Thursday 11:30 am bis 01:30 pm


Which Topics do we work on in the Webinar "Storytelling - Stories enthusiasm"?

Module 1

  • Development of a storytelling
  • Awaken emotions in the audience

Module 2

  • Use the power of images
  • Visualization via other media

Module 3

  • Direction plan for stories and presentations
  • Dialogue with the audience

Module 4

  • Speech training: captivate by language and voice
  • Prepare your own presentation or story optimally

Module 5

  • Your own storytelling as a presentation
  • Feedback on your own presentation: Improving presence and impact


Ziele und zielgruppe

Vorbeitung und organisation


Dieter Jupe

Trainer and Systemic Coach, Psychologist and Dipl.-Kfm.

Lars Müller

Trainer & Coach, M.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Digital PR & Marketing Specialist

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