At successful companies, professional business coaching is one of the most efficient further development activities for both managers and employees.

The main requirement for successful coaching is a competent partner/coach.

Whether individual coaching or a seminar setting makes more sense for your specific initial situation depends not only on many factors such as time, budget, competence profile, etc., but also, of course, on your set goals. Often, a combination of both learning settings allows you to achieve your goals in the most sustainable way.

At riebeaux, we specialize in person-centered, sustainable business coaching. Just get in touch and get to know us.

Business coaching

In everyday management life, situations occur again and again that can’t simply be solved in passing, and a look from the outside can help. You will work on your very specific questions together with our experienced coaches.

  • Leadership check
  • Conducting conversations during employee interviews
  • Feedback culture
  • Managing conflicts
  • Influencing employees
  • Attracting people for projects and alliances
  • Organizing meetings
  • Role-swapping
  • Team development
  • Challenging, promoting and developing employees
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Dealing with council members
  • Coping with polarization, etc.
  • Working on your own role and attitude
  • Dealing with expectations
  • Mental training for special challenges

Personal development

You want to develop as a person, to better understand the motivators of your own personality, and to make better use of them? Our experienced coaches will be happy to help!

  • Personality development
  • Self-perception - perception of others
  • Ideal - development potential
  • Self-organization
  • Dealing with changes at work and in private life
  • Leadership skills, role understanding and leadership
  • Balanced life models for stability at work and at home
  • Analyzing conflict behavior
  • Dealing with personality crisis
  • Strategies against pressure to perform
  • Professional and personal reorientation