What is the Luxxprofile?

It is sustainable and effective!

The LUXXprofile is a personality-oriented approach to motivational research. It clarifies the fundamental values, goals and motives of a person and can be used both in the operational context as well as in individual coaching.

The LUXX profile is a diagnostic tool for human motivation and, as such, focuses on the dimensions of the individual personality. It is the latest tool of its kind on the market and is baes on the current results of motivational personality research.

What does the LUXXprofile do?

Only a few personality tools manage to depict the individuality of our personality. The LUXXprofile focuses on the origin of human action and is therefore an important counseling and coaching tool. Out of all personality tools on the market, the LUXXprofile provides information on the causes of human action and thus explores the essential and unchanging aspects of personality and individual behavior.

The LUXXprofile provides a personality profile that is as individual as a fingerprint. Its reports on individual motivation, keeping of values and predictable behavior are just as sophisticated. The value of the LUXXprofile for consulting and coaching processes is based in this significance.

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Diverse personal benefits

Working with the LUXXprofile usually initiates as intensive self-reflection process and allows you to better understand yourself.

Working with the LUXXprofile usually initiates as intensive self-reflection process and allows you to better understand yourself.

The individual benefit is holistic:

  • People who know their personality are able to better exploit their individual performance potential and experience deep “moral happiness.”
  • Acting becomes authentic, coherent and convincing.

The LUXXprofile explains why other people are wired differently, Understand people helps to avoid conflicts and imrpvoe relationships.

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Other advantages of the LUXX profile

Stable decisions

The personality aspects displayed by the LUXXprofile based on the motives are regarded as virtually unchangeable. The analyses with the LUXXprofile can therefore secure decisions, for example, when it comes to selecting top performers and leading individuals and teams to peak performance.

Exemplary questions are:

  • sustainable position
  • prognosis of behavior in specific situations
  • identification and development of leaders
  • mental preparation for targeted performance


Reflected self-perception and perception of others

If the values are shared, people usually get along well with each other. If the values are too different, people tend to complicate each other’s lives. That’s why the knowledge of the different values is of paramount importance for one another.

The LUXXprofile vividly depicts the differences and similarities in personal values and thus invites to a reflected discussion. It explains why there is trust on the one hand or misunderstandings on the other hand.

Reflected self-perception and perception of others is an important component of any successful collaboration and relationship formation. It promotes mutual tolerance, which has a positive impact on the performance environment.